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7º Umbria Cup

Cascia - Norcia (PG) (Italy)

Friday 24 April 2020 - Sunday 26 April 2020
Until 14.00 h. Welcoming of participants at the meeting point at the Hotel Salicone of Norcia- Tournament Check-in Delivery of the tournament information, 16.00 h. h. Opening match 21.30 at Sport Centre Salicone Grand Tournament opening ceremony, Parade with all teams. Folk show with bands, flag-wavers and musicians. 17.00 h. Start qualifiers 19.00 h Tournament briefing with coaches and assistants - Introducing the Eventours technical Team Welcome cocktail
09.00 h. Matches according to tournament schedule
09.00 Start Finals for all Categories 12:30 Awards Ceremony and Closing. 13.30 Lunch Departures

Our figures for Umbria Cup the past season

580 Participants

32 Team

14 Society

8 Hotels booked

128 Games played

1 Participating Countries


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