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1º Trofeo Val Seriana

Rovetta-Onore-Clusone (Bergamo) (Italy)

Friday 29 April 2022 - Sunday 1 May 2022

Welcome to VAL SERIANA (Bergamo)

 The Bergamo area is closely linked to its valleys. Among the Bergamo valleys, Val Seriana is one of the main and largest. Where does its name come from? Certainly not from the seriousness of its inhabitants. It is called so because it is crossed by the river Serio. The valley extends for about 50 kilometers along the course of the Serio river: starting from the Lower Valley, characterized by large flat areas, it crosses an intermediate area of ​​extensive plateaus, until reaching the Upper Valley with its important peaks including the main symbol of the area represented by the Presolana Not far from the capital, there are the municipalities of the valley floor, such as Alzano Lombardo and Villa di Serio, which host important basilicas and historic houses surrounded by nature. 

It is here in this beautiful valley near the city of Bergamo in the towns of Rovetta, Clusone and Onore that this new tournament dedicated to youth football takes place. 

The sports centers are of the highest level and are also used by all the teams of the Atalanta club for the summer retreat of the first team and the Atalanta spring, and for the summer camps of Atalanta and Inter; and all sports facilities are close to the hotels all selected directly. 

The Tournament is approved by the F.I..G.C.



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