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48º Helsinki Cup

HELSINKI (Finland)

Monday 8 July 2024 - Saturday 13 July 2024

Helsinki Cup is one of the world’s largest junior football tournaments. Helsinki Cup is attendedby over 20,000 players annually throughout Finland and world - we are the highlight of thesummer for many junior footballers.In the summer of 2019, we are celebrating the 44th Helsinki Cup. Since 1976, the role of thetournament as a contributor to the well-being of children and young people and communityhas been preserved throughout the decades. Helsinki Cup is a tolerant, equal, internationalfootball tournament that respects all participants.Helsinki Cup has gathered participants from about 20 countries in recent years. The numberof participants in the tournament has been increasing for the last seven years. The percentageof girls’ clubs has been growing steadily and over 200 of the 1300 teams in the tournamentare girls’ teams.We work closely with the City of Helsinki, which means that the Helsinki Cup is always played onhigh-quality and well-kept pitches. The tournament has around 15 pitch areas around the city. Public transport from Helsinki city center guarantees a quick and easy access to the venues.Football has, and will always be, at the core of our tournament. As the tournament has grown, wehave invested in match-experiences while also putting a lot of effort in to various events so thatnow we can talk about a real Helsinki Cup experience. In addition to the games, the tournamentweek includes the opening day parade, the Helsinki Cup Summer Party and the events at the Love the Ball Center. 

 The Helsinki Cup is a communal and urban event thatspreads the message of joy and unity all over Helsinki. 

Love the Ball Center is an oasis good vibes right in the middle of Helsinki Cup. The center offers a variety of entertainment and a great atmosphere throughout the tournament for players, their parents and other tournament goers. Love the Ball Center located at the Käpylä Sports Park is a great place to relax, prepare for future matches, enjoy the cafe's refreshing beverages and snacks and explore the many exhibitions of our tournament partners. At the center of the area is a stage with a variety of shows throughout the day. In addition, Love the Ball Center offers first aid and tournament information.

Recharge your batteries and enjoy the positive energy at Love the Ball Center!

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Our figures for Helsinki Cup the past season

3200 Participants

140 Team

96 Society

45 Hotels booked

321 Games played

9 Participating Countries


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