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14º Canarias Cup - Tenerife

Tenerife - Canarie- (Spain)

Wednesday 28 June 2023 - Sunday 2 July 2023


We are on the island of eternal spring... Tenerife

The island surrounded by the volcano El Teide is the perfect place to enjoy a spectacular natural landscape, thanks to the wide variety of beaches, stunning scenery and its picturesque villages. Nominated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
In addition to the natural beauty of the island and to the many attractions the Siam Park is located here: it's the most spectacular water theme park in Europe.
And it is here, right in this charming setting where this important international tournament will be held. More than 70 teams with about 1,300 participants came here for the 2017 edition. For the opening and closing of the tournament a tour around the town will be held with parades and shows. Major authority figures will be present and souvenirs will be handed out to all participants.
- 15 football pitches with natural grass and state of the art artifical turf
- 30 federal referees
- more than 100 people employed for the tournament
- a group of modern state of the art buses
Accommodation facilities
3 and 4 star hotels near beaches and leisure facilities, full board service.
The tournament is organised so that participants can have a day off to relax, have fun, go walking or hiking.


Our figures for Canarias Cup - Tenerife the past season

1150 Participants

62 Team

32 Society

18 Hotels booked

186 Games played

4 Participating Countries


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